Strategic Social Media Content & Scheduling: The Key to Your Business Success

Transform your social media into list-building and revenue-boosting hubs. Strategically map out a month's worth of daily and festive content in JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS PER MONTH, allowing you more time to focus on your core business tasks.

Everyone posts online,
but only a few successfully build a loyal audience.

If you can't measure results from posting, why do it?

Find out why 90% of coaches struggle with social media content marketing...

  • Juggling numerous tasks and brainstorming content seems never-ending.
  •  Even with tools like ChatGPT, creating perfect content is challenging - unless you know how to "train" it right. 
  •  And using Canva? It's hard to find the time amidst a packed schedule.

You love your business and its impact. 

Yet, managing a content strategy feels overwhelming. The results?
  • You post just to please the algorithm
  • Inconsistent posting leads to stagnant audience growth. 
  • You're always chasing content deadlines, stifling creativity. 
What if you had a reliable way to streamline your social media content creation?

Picture no stress about post content or design, giving you more time for what's important.
My Real Results from posting on social media:
This means that, on average, I'm gaining a few new subscribers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

THE SOCIAL SUITE is a revolutionary DIY content marketing toolset to elevate your business. Want to experience a transformation? 

Start our 7-day free trial with no strings attached.

Turn readers into followers with our fill-in-the-blank, 
conversion-focused templates tailored for three core audiences
Check out our ready-to-use template sample to see how simple customization is.

Plan a month's content by transforming your article into multiple social post templates using my "Snowflake technique". (I'll guide you inside!)

Quickly plan posts with The Social Suite's user-friendly Scheduler for a smoother social media process.

Now you can make effective social media content without:
 Outsourcing costs
 Expert copywriting knowledge
 Always knowing the best approach
 Have a degree in graphic design
What sets us apart from other content clubs?
While many advertise flashy template designs, it's not just about posting frequently. 

In the digital world, simple posting isn't enough to truly connect and grow a dedicated audience. It's about meaningful engagement, touching hearts, evoking emotions, and sharing stories that resonate.

"The Social Suite" goes beyond just templates. 

It's a proven strategy that revolutionized my online presence. Ready to create a devoted fanbase? Join us!
Check out our monthly plans!
Remember, each level offers unique materials, and we provide new content monthly.

And There's More!

What About the Extras?

Plan your posts monthly and easily add them to our scheduler.

Stay Ahead with Ongoing Digital Marketing Education

Along with our video tutorials for our template library, we highlight the best channels to promote your Lead Magnet and offer ongoing digital marketing education to keep you ahead.

Lifetime Private Community

Gain exclusive access to our private marketers' community. Connect, learn, and share alongside peers. Bring your business questions and thrive with community insights and guidance

The Resourceful DIYer is someone who aspires to:

Craft impactful content 

Use efficient, cost-saving methods 

Keep a consistent online connection with their audience

If that resonates, we've got just what you need!

Who's behind this?

Hi, I'm Ms. Dori, the mind behind this. Founder of Coachpreneur University and a certified behavioral analysis trainer, I too faced the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

I struggled initially with content marketing, feeling lost in the vast sea of social media. Though I had value to offer, reaching out was tough. 

After numerous trials, I mastered content creation, but it consumed so much time. Outsourcing wasn't an option, and I needed a change. 

Despite the hardships, my journey taught me to craft a unique way to excel in social media without external help. Noticing others facing similar issues, I was inspired to offer a solution. 

This led to the birth of The Social Suite, aiming to simplify and strategize social media for all.

Worried about identical content using our templates? Don't be!
Our templates are flexible and meant for customization. See them as a base to begin with, not a strict guide. 

They're designed for repeated use and can be tailored to your unique style. It's rare for two users to have identical content without personal tweaks. 

With our templates, you can confidently craft content that's authentically yours and stands out.
Imagine spending less time on social media and more with clients, boosting your business. How successful could you be?
The solution is right here!
Frequently Asked Questions About Social Posts Made Easy
Got some Q’s? Here are some A’s!
  • I don't even have a canva account, is it hard to use?
    Canva is super easy to use. If you're familiar with basic actions like dragging, dropping, adding, and deleting, you're all set! Plus, we're always here for you in our Facebook group, where we regularly share tips on editing graphics. Don't worry, we've got your back and we'll make sure you feel confident using Canva!
  • I have Canva, but only the free version. Will I be able to use the graphics?
    Yes, 100%. All our templates are created with free users in mind. All elements are free and fully editable.
  • Will this work for my niche?
    This has been designed to be useful for all types of businesses. Whether you’re a coach, blogger, content creator, service provider, teacher, or everything in between. and even people with e-commerce stores. The goal is to do more than just show people what you sell by focusing on how you make your prospects feel and the ways you can change their lives.
  • Am I committed to a long-term contract?
    Our membership operates on a month-to-month basis, giving you the flexibility to cancel at any time.
  • I still have questions. Is there a way to get in contact with you?
    Sure! You can always send an email with your questions to info@coachpreneuruniversity.com. Ms.Dori or someone on her team will reply within 24 hours.
Promote your business globally on a budget by leveraging DIY strategies.
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